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A collection of travel memories pre COVID-19 - Chapter 1

Picture Credit: Pexels

As I sit by the door, taking in the cool breeze of the after rains, I cannot help but remember it all. I remember the adrenaline rush of planning for a trip and enjoying the harvest of my plan during the trip. I remember the failures, the errors which occurred within these painstakingly made plans. I remember each detail so carefully of my travelling during last couple of years that I cannot help but reminiscence all my past travel journeys intertwined with the unique moments experienced in each tripping.

I wish I could take my wand and capture my memories in the Dumbledore memory fountain. Nonetheless, my blog should be able to serve the intention just as well.

Wuxi to Shanghai airport - The most panicking journey of my entire life

It was my last day in China before I returned to my home country. I was stationed in Suzhou for the last three weeks and it had been pure bliss. So beautiful yet modern, a wonderful history, and such a great lifestyle of this city. Since I wanted to make the best out of my trip, I decided to go for a half day trip to Wuxi and visit the Turtle Head Isle.

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I was scheduled to return back to Wuxi station by 5 PM in order to reach Suzhou by 5.30 PM, collect my luggage from my hotel and leave for Shanghai airport. My flight was scheduled for 9.30 PM. Little did I know that the bus timings are not so frequent from Turtle Head Isle to Wuxi station. It was 5 PM when I actually got the bus and 6 PM by the time I reached Wuxi station. Ideally, if you miss your train you can still book another one within the same price. As luck would have it, there were no seats available on the next 3 trains within one hour. Panic and terror had started to seep in. I was at lost as to what should be my next step.

Bear in mind, Wuxi is at 50 km away from Suzhou and evenings are usually peak traffic hours. What were my choices really at this point? Taxi and train. I went with taxi considering I had only 3.5 hours with me, to reach Suzhou by 7.15 PM if I want to make it to airport on time. My cabbie was a good old uncle who sensed the urgency and sped off to hit Suzhou by 7.15 on the dot. I hurried away with my luggage from the hotel and booked another cab.

The time is 7.30 PM and the journey is 150 km long. Panic seemed to take hold of me like never before. I was sweating, my heart was in my throat and I was on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to Google Maps. I told the driver that I need to reach the airport within an hour.

Will I reach on time? Will I miss the flight? Will I be denied check in of my luggage?

Every possible scenario