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A complete guide for a 2-day weekend trip to Yelagiri

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I remember arriving in Yelagiri Hills after a sleepless night and a 3 hours journey. As I sit on my dining chair to write my experiences down, I recollect the entire journey starting with a 6 am a wake-up alarm, 5 canceled Uber and Ola rides, some unpleasant experiences in public toilet, and finally hunkering for 2 hours in a not-so-clean train. But it was a long weekend. So, why not?

Yelagiri is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu, just around 150~ km from Bangalore. It is a tourist spot however not as commercialized as Ooty/Kodaikanal/Coorg.

Since there are no direct trains or buses from Bangalore to Yelagiri, the nearest train station to get down at is Jolarpettai. There are multiple train options in IRCTC. Choose the one which suits your timing. Yelagiri is located approximately 22 km from Jolarpettai and one needs to either take an auto or public bus. I opted for auto of course since I had already completed my quota of experiencing too much public & general services today. The auto would cost around 500 ₹ (fixed rate).

The first great view is down below when the auto covered half of the distance. I was immediately taken by sight and finally felt relaxed. All thoughts of repentance were dismissed from my mind.

Day 1

I arrived during lunchtime, in a homestay "Kozee Kaves", booked through It was a rare find and they have their own private land stretching out for acres. They grow their own vegetables in the garden for cooking. Since I was starving, I ordered a veg thali which consisted of a humble dal, rice, beetroot sabzi, sambar, rasam, roti, and papad. I could feel that care and love with which each dish was prepared. Highly recommend staying here to feel that lovely countryside!!