A day in Hesaraghatta Lake..... OR just Hesaraghatta?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It's 15th August our 73rd Independence Day ( buzzing sound of trumpet..). We will not pour our emotions or talk about the sudden remembrance of our leaders & freedom fighters. We are sure you have already seen enough of Instagram posts. What I would prefer to convey for this day you ask !? Please make a promise to yourself to keep the environment clean & sustainable but not brag about it because it is your duty to spare it for the next generation.

Coming back to this day, having a holiday, we decided to visit the Hesaraghatta Lake situated about 38-45 kms away from Bangalore. Booked our scooter through Drivezy (trying to minimize our carbon footprint) and went off breezily through the near-empty roads which is a rarity in Bangalore. The road we took was through Tin Factory, going straight through Hebbal and then turning right to Air Force Station Road. It took around 90 minutes for us to reach.

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On our way to Hesaraghatta -

When we reached, we were unable to locate the lake. We asked some cycling group, if they know where exactly the lake is. One of them responded, "Madam, you are standing in front of the lake only. The lake is completely barren until last year." We were totally shocked because we had this beautiful lake already pictured in our minds and now it's a freaking pastureland!! Had a picnic bag packed with lunch, our stomach rumbling with hunger and unsure of what to do next, we decided to roam around and see what we can do.

We wonder where to swim & wash..

Finally, after witnessing some other families too enjoying their picnic, we decided to settle down at one place and enjoy the greenery and weather at least. So much for the lake view, eh?

A humble man's lunch featuring paneer bhurji, dhokla, green chutney, paav , an orange and hot tea :)

Note: There is NO entrance fee for the lake. There is a temple inside which you can visit as well.

After gobbling our yummy food, and ensuring no waste is left behind, we welcomed the light drizzling of rains with the clouds above our heads, and cows grazing nearby. But, we felt numb due to the unsettling realization that Bangalore lakes & the surrounding ones have indeed dried up. Witnessing the serene environment felt like witnessing the calm before the storm..

"I don't want your hope. I don't want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic..and act as if your house was on fire." - #GretaThunberg