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A solo trip to Meghalaya during the pandemic


For as long as I could remember, all I dreamt of was to travel the entire North East beauty of our country. Never having the right opportunity & budget, the trip to the seven sisters states was always pushed to a year later every year. The opportunity to be in Meghalaya presented itself when tourism started opening in the state as Wave 2 was slowly struggling with its last breath.

This is yet another of my solo trips, the longest one ever within India. By now, my confidence level was peaking through the roof with my recent stream of success in solo travels and with the knowledge that people are generally kind when we are kinder to them.

How I planned my 7-day trip

I will repeat this again like I did in other blogs - to cover most of the places in a state or a country, always try to pin places in such a way that it completes a full circle in Maps, mostly covering larger towns/cities where you will prefer to stay for a night or two and then plan for day trips to nearby places while staying at those places. This is how I did for Meghalaya:

While staying in Shillong, you can visit the nearby places like Laitlum Canyon. When staying in Sohra, you can visit the faraway waterfalls, and while in Mawlynnong, one day trip to Dawki, Krang Suri Falls and nearby villages can be arranged. Of course, these are not the only places in Meghalaya to see. I have missed visiting places like Kongthong, Jowai, Mawsynram, Phe Phe Falls, etc. which hopefully I can cover in the near future.

There are three primary tribes existing currently in Meghalaya - Khasi, Jaintia & Garo, with majority of the folks belonging to the Khasi tribe. Did you know Khasi civilisation dates back to 7000 years, older than Indo-Aryan civilisation?
The state follows a matriarchal society where the husbands go to the wives' place after marriage and take the last name of their wives. Although, it's not an imposition anymore, local folks still choose to keep it that way. Isn't that amazing?!

Shillong - Scotland of India