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Food, Accommodation & Travel for Singapore under 55000 ₹ for 5 days

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Being one of the most expensive cities, it becomes hard for regular, budget-travelers like us to plan for a long trip to Singapore. True, it takes a lot from your pocket but only if you do not plan it ahead. What if we tell you that you can travel to Singapore under 55000 ₹ including your air tickets, stay, food & attraction tickets for 5 days? Sounds heavenly, isn't it? The primary reason for writing this blog is to help fellow travelers, first-time travelers to enjoy an exotic and near-perfect city of Singapore without spending money extravagantly or carelessly, thereby regretting later.

Start Saving

The only way to enjoy your trip without a constant nagging worry at the back of your head is to start saving from 6 months in advance. Decide your travel dates well in advance and allow 1 week of flexibility in that period to adjust later the actual dates. If we need 55,000 ₹ for the trip per person, save approx. 9,000 ₹ per month.

Getting there

Flights from India to Singapore is relatively cheap compared to other destinations (exceptions are Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok). Book at least 3-4 months in advance to get a good price on the ticket. Round trip from Chennai to Changi airport will cost around 10000-12000 ₹ per person. Best way to keep track for the price is via Google Flights -

Since you already saved 18,000 ₹ in first 2 months of 6 month period, the 3rd month is the right time to book your flight with the saved money.


Let's face it, spending a night in Singapore at a good hotel will cost you at least 4000 ₹. Do you really want to spend 4000 ₹ per night just to stay in a good hotel or would you rather use that money to eat well & spend it on attraction tickets?

If you're traveling with your friends, stay in a good hostel. It will cost you as low as 1400 ₹ per night for 2 people. Try staying in the heart of Chinatown. Check out this great & cheap hostel at