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Fort Kochi - where kindness exceeds hospitality

Fort Kochi, a quintessential region located around 12 km away from Ernakulam town had me hooked with its magic of hospitality, quaintness, and beauty early on. That magic stayed with me long after I left Kochi and settled into my routine. I think it would be unfair to not mention the after-effects this short trip had on my mental health, my faith, and my behavior. It's safe to say that Fort Kochi has been a good samaritan.

We all agree unanimously that traveling in a COVID year is risky. But, the excitement that dawns on us with the realization that one is finally able to partake in the travel, though it may be in one's own country is beyond words. And especially, when it's God's own country - Kerala! :-)

Where kindness and hospitality intersects

When all your life, as a woman, safety and precaution has been ingrained within you, it becomes extremely tough to believe in someone's good nature especially when it is from someone of the opposite gender. I realized a little too late, that no matter what, there's still an iota of goodness among us that will always make this world a better place to live in! With the constant wariness of being a solo female traveler, my mind escaped this fact completely and kept itself on red alert all the time. Goodness comes to us in the most surprising and unexpected form. I was fortunate to experience this certain goodness through the auto wallah uncle who went beyond his normal job to ensure that I had my fair share of coconut water while in Kerala. 🤭It's a funny story really. That one day in my itinerary, the sun was in such full force that my stomach was rumbling with hunger pangs and my throat was parched. When I asked him to stop near a coconut vendor, as luck would have it, there was not a single coconut vendor in the 18 kilometers stretch!! This made him laugh stating, "Oh my god! You're in Kerala and you cannot see a coconut wallah!". It was ironic really! :)

And this led me to have the opportunity to have my coconut water, meet aunty and a super friendly neighbor of theirs who were equally friendly and oh, so hospitable!

Uncle & Aunty

The day when I was leaving Kochi, Varghese uncle bought a coconut for me again! This still brings a smile to my lips and my heart fills up with emotion to have experienced this.

I wish I had some pictures with the homestay owner Henry to remember him. His wife and he were so welcoming during the entire stay with the highlights being the super delicious local breakfast and the time when Henry offered a ride in his scooty for those delicious banana & tapioca chips purchases. ️

There will come a time when my faith might be broken, shattered, or bruised. And during those days, I hope to look back and remember these small acts of kindness and generosity which still breathes their way into some unexpected corners of this world.