Muddenahalli - A peaceful weekend escape from Bengaluru

Located around 65 km away from Whitefield, Bengaluru, the birthplace of Sir Visvesvaraya is a must-visit place. Be it for trekking the gorgeous Skandigiri Hill or for fulfilling the desire to be at peace with nature, this tiny village has got it all.

There are a couple of AirBnB stays that can be booked easily. Every stay overlooks Skandagiri and a beautiful lake which makes the stay all the more magical.

We stayed in Nandi Valley Cottage which was perfect for three people with a well-equipped kitchen and a perfectly maintained lawn area. Waking up in the morning for two days to exotic birds chirping outside was a very calming experience.

Eating there

Since we had a kitchen with all the basic utensils, we ordered fresh mutton through the caretaker and cooked it in the cottage and in the bonfire. Cooking tends to be a fun activity when friends do it together. There were heated arguments between two self-declared chefs and one moron playing songs regardless of the steaming situation in the kitchen. Would definitely call this fun, hmmm...

Delicious mutton curry made in our stay

Only one cafe cum restaurant is walkable from the homestay - Roaster Cafe. This is newly opened and serves mostly tandoori items. The other restaurants far away are Chandru Hotel, etc. Having a private vehicle would definitely help to explore more.

In the evening, do not miss out on the hot bondas being served in a tiny shop in the village. They were sooo good. Sharing the location -

What to see?

You see a beautiful hill right there in front of you, what would you do? Hike it, duh!!

However, do not forget to book your trek through as this has been made mandatory by the Karnataka Government for trekking to Skandagiri. We missed our trek due to a lack of knowledge and partially out of the toughness level of the hike. So much for being prepared before a trip.

The next spot to hit would be the Samadhi and Museum dedicated to Sir Visvesvaraya which is located in the Muddenhalli village area.

If you have your private vehicle, Nandi Hills is just 20 km away. Both hills can be covered in one weekend trip.

So, what would be your plan this weekend? :)