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Paradise - a stone's throw away from Bengaluru - Doddaballapur

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Walking through the empty streets in this tiny village, the only set of human beings my eyes could see were the goat herders returning back to their homes after a long day of grazing, farmers wrapping up their work, tractors turned off, some random cars passing by. Even the sun slowly turned off its shine to indicate that it was time to turn in and get a good night's rest.

The two days that I have spent in this small paradise have been an enlightening experience for me. The simplicity of life, the peacefulness around, the solace of village life, and the charm of the untouched combined together have been an elixir that slowly seeped into my soul to fill it with sheer happiness and calm.

Staying at "Nature's Village"

A random search in Google for a weekend getaway landed me on this resort page. The place had some excellent reviews and the photos were too good to be true. My curiosity naturally got the better of me and I jumped at the first chance to book for the next available weekend, I was not disappointed.

A scene like this when you step out of your home? Surreal.. complete serenity, no humans around except for visitors like me who come to enjoy the nature and peace and the resort folks. The place is absolutely stunning and has hit me with the realisation of how badly I want to have my own nest like this. 🥺

The resort also provides food as you won't have restaurants nearby to eat from. Homely, simple yet delicious plates of foods were the key highlights of my day. :)

Peacock Spotting