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The pride of every Kannadiga - Mysuru

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Posing at the back of Philomena's Church

As a child, I imagined living in a palace with my king after winning his heart over and happily getting married after. My imagination of a palace stemmed from my all-time favorite shows like Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc. Most of the women out there reading this would know what I mean. ;)

Imagine that wow factor when I first laid my eyes on Mysore Palace. It felt like reliving that childhood fantasy all over again but, of course, without dreaming myself as Cinderella.

Grandma's story

As per the Indian mythology, there was a king called Mahishasura (Mahisha = Buffalo, Asura = demon). This so-called buffalo-headed demon was ruling the land which was named after him called "Mahishashuru". The name was abbreviated in the period of time and changed to "Mahisuru" and finally "Mysuru" in Kannada and "Mysore" as a puerile pronunciation by the poor Englishmen.

The evil king was so powerful that even the gods couldn't defeat him. He had a boon that he can only be killed by a 'woman' mightier than him considering there can never be a woman with such a power.

Later all the Gods realized that the demon needs to be killed somehow. Hence, a goddess was incarnated 'Durga' ( Chamundeswari in some places) by the synergy of all Gods and ultimately the demon died at her hand. The Chamundi Temple has been since then built to commemorate the significance of good defeats evil.

The city of palaces - Mysuru aka Mysore is loved by people all over the country and foreigners alike. Just 150 km from Bangalore, easily reachable via trains, buses, or cabs, this historical city is a must-visit for everyone. A weekend trip to this place is sufficient enough to discover the city thoroughly.

Which attractions to visit?

Do I need to even mention Mysore Palace? The one thing which every tourist wants to lay their eyes upon first. It is majestic. It is gorgeous. It is Magnifique. Period.

Entrance tickets for day visits are 70 ₹ per head. For light & sound shows after 7 PM, the cost is around 90 ₹. Please try your best NOT to miss it.