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Travel Essentials 101: What to pack for a one week 2020 summer trip?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

We all at some point have been in that embarrassing situation where the handbags were asked to be opened up by airport security and those newly bought lotions and shampoos whisked away. Then there are times where our handbags are weighed in randomly and you realize you have overstuffed it which ultimately leads to submission of the baggage costing you extra thousand bucks.

Everyone has their own version of their travel stories, what they have gone through, realizing in every trip that in some way or the other we only utilize 50% of the items that we carry. So, why not carry only those items that matter and spare your budget for where it belongs?

Based on our past mistakes and experiences, we have created two different tables below. It contains everything required for a 1-week summer trip. Please refer to your gender.

In the end, you would also find some links for purchasing our recommended items from the list. The links are affiliated and would go a long way to support our blog with the small commission we would earn when you visit the sites through those links.

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Tip no. 1- If your clothes are soaked in too much sweat or dirt and you wish to wash them, give it to the laundry or ensure there is a washing machine in the homestay or AirBnB apartment for you to wash.

Tip no. 2 - Your makeup & toiletries containing liquid & lotions should not exceed more than 1000 ml per hand baggage.

Tip no. 3 - If you love compartmentalizing your luggage and for more space, try out these compression pouches:

Here are some of the recommended products to carry while traveling: